My Not So Exciting Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I had been dating for about four weeks when we finally ended up in bed with each other. When I first sleep with a man, I always let him take control. I find that lets me find out a little bit more about him and what he likes in bed. It is always a great way to find out if he will make an exciting lover or not. From what I know, many of the girls that I work with at London escorts do exactly the same thing. It is just one of the little pieces of advice that London escorts like to pass on to each other.

What do you do if you find out that your boyfriend is not that exciting in bed? It all depends on how you feel about him. He could have many other attractive qualities that you can focus on instead. Sex is important in a relationship, but it is not of equal importance to all of us. Not all gentlemen like to date London escorts because they think we are the best sex kittens in London. In my time with London escorts, I have dated a lot of gentlemen who are simply looking for a little bit of companionship.

My new boyfriend is a bit like that. I have tried various tricks, but sex does not seem to be a priority in his life. He is one of those guys who look at a relationship in a totally different way than me. I love the fact that he is not bothered my job with London escorts. Most of my previous boyfriends have had this thing about London escorts. Once I have told them that I am in fact a London escort, they have either run a mile or started to think of me of some sort of porn star. This guy seems to be happy to accept that I am into escorting.

Do I think that we have a long term future? I am not sure that we have a long term future, but we certainly do have a good time together. On my days off from London escorts, he always plans a day out for me or something like that. Our sex life may not be exciting, but the rest of our time together is certainly fun. My mum has always said that you should be grateful for small mercies. Up until recently, I did not realise how right she is. There are indeed many small mercies in our relationship which make me feel grateful, and I do love him for what he does.

I am trying to make our sex life more exciting while in London, but I have learned to take it slow. The first time I pulled one of my vibrators out of my bedroom drawer, I thought that he was going to faint with embarrassment. It took me a good couple of weeks to get him used to play with me. Then again, I guess many other London escorts have found themselves in the same situation. I have decided not to worry about it, and just make the most of what we have got.

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