March 24, 2017

    Where to get the best lingerie

    By / March 24, 2017

    I love shopping for lingerie and my sexy London escorts website colleagues often compliment me on my choice lingerie. Yes, the lingerie that I buy is a little bit unusual but I do go out of my way when it comes to shopping for lingerie. Out of all of the girls here at London escorts, I probably have the most interesting lingerie collection. Like most other girls, I do like to look my best when I am on duty so to speak.

    Most girls here at London escorts tend to buy their lingerie online. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, but most of the lingerie that you will find online is pretty generic. It all tends to look the same. The girls here at London escorts all great for their dates, but I like to be a little bit different. Sure, you can go ahead and have your lingerie customised but I am not sure that it pays off, it can prove to be rather expensive when it comes down to it.

    So, what is my secret. Fortunately I like to travel a lot. As I don’t have a boyfriend or partner, I can pretty much please myself. Yes, I could stay here in London on my breaks but I do like to get away. It is just nice to be able to get out of town and enjoy some time away from London and London escorts. If you like, it kind of refreshes you and I like that. It is during these trips, I take time to invest in new lingerie, and I will admit that I am often asked by the other girls at London escorts to buy things for them as well.

    It is hard to buy for others, so most of the time I don’t do it. Like I say to my colleagues at London escorts, they can easily jump on a plane themselves and go lingerie shopping. There are some great places in Europe which are within easy reach Europe. Some of the girls at London escorts are a bit worried about travelling abroad on their own, but like I say to them, they can always make it a girlie weekend. I would not mind coming along at all.

    If you want to shop for great lingerie, you should check out places like Barcelona and Madrid. The Spanish are actually really good when it comes to textiles and they have a good idea for producing some unique pieces as well. Paris is another place that I have often recommended to my friends at London escorts. It is more expensive than shopping in Spain, but you can get some really nice quality pieces which last a long time. I look after the lingerie that I buy in Paris really well and make sure that it only comes out to play on special occasions. There are some gents at London escorts that I really like to spoil, and they seem to enjoy the Parisian touch.…

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